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What is Meaning2Numbers

Since the introduction of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II, the nature of the financial markets has changed, creating an imbalance in research coverage and resulting in some companies being under-covered and others receiving no coverage at all.
Consequently, the information gap between companies and the investment community has significantly widened, which has particularly affected small and mid-sized companies.

The number of sell-side analysts has drastically decreased, resulting in a sharp drop in European research. Fundamental research is in decline, triggering reduced interest from investors, lower trading volumes and increased volatility. This may ultimately result in a lower valuation, limiting companies in their ability to raise capital and making them vulnerable to unsolicited approaches.

Improvement in the availability of fundamental Research Intelligence and intensified Investor Relations activities is needed in order to further enhance investor appreciation of the shares as the company executes its strategy. Research Intelligence and Investor Relations have always been vital to value creation, resulting in a realistic reflection in the share price.

Investor Relations and Research Intelligence
Meaning2Numbers is a unique joint initiative between the IDEA! and Hill+Knowlton Strategies, offering an independent Research Intelligence and Investor Relations consultancy to listed companies in the Netherlands. The amalgamation of these two trusted brands has resulted in an exceptional information-based platform and strategic consultancy service. We support companies in efficiently and successfully managing their relationships with the investment community and other important financial stakeholders. We help investors and companies by providing meaning to companies’ announcements, news flow and numbers; subsequently, improving the dialogue between the investment community and companies and closing the information gap between the two by facilitating coherent and transparent disclosure and clear, compelling equity stories.